Road trip to Skye..

Trip date – Aug 2020

After buying a campervan I had an itch to get to Skye and also re-visit some places memorable locations that I passed through when I did the TGO challenges and to see Berwick-upon-Tweed which is a place that always caught my eye on many train trips to Edinburgh. I took 5 days out to do the trip.

Days 1 – 3 to get to Skye

Days 4 – 5 from Syke to the Yorkshire Dales n Home

What surprised me is how much milage can be soaked up in the van allowing you to travel far and off course the independence it gives you on the road.

Map – days 1 – 3

The route out

Map – days 4- 5

The route back

Route description

Day 1 – Home to the Island View Inn before – Berwick-upon-Tweed

I used the Britstop Guide which lets you which pubs etc you can stay at for free, basically to stay in there car park..

The Brit Stops blurb:

The Brit Stops 2020 book contains details of over 1000 hosts who are all looking forward to meeting Britstoppers. Clear and simple to use. The book features country pubs, farm shops, vineyards, breweries, craft / antiques centres.. all offering an invitation through the Brit Stops scheme to stay overnight in your motorhome or campervan in a safe environment – at no cost!

Day 2 – Berwick-On-Tweed and onwards to Skye

I dropped into to walk the dogs n see the town for my self. A bit shabby but nice to see the Viaduct and the sea as well as the town itself.

From Berwick-On-Tweed onto Scotland and the Forth bridge and onto Perth and into the Cairngorms – Dalwhinnie, Laggan and then Spean bridge, all places that are familiar to me from my TGO crossings.

Forth bridge
Commando memorial at Spean bridge.
Laggan store – a great stop with a coffee shop and homemade cakes-

The last part off the day was to push into Skye for a wild camp in view of the 5 Sisters

Day 3 – Explore Skye and on..

Day 3 saw me do a lap off the island, stopping at the northern parts of the island to capture the views, recce wild camps for a return visit and to have a scenic lunch. Nice to bump into an old mate in Skye as well, big John Gladstone

The old man of storr

After a good day in Skye i headed off out to Glen Coe for my next wild camp.

Day 4 – After camping in Glen Coe, i spent some time admiring the views and taking the dogs out at Buachaille Etive Mòr before heading back to England. A quick detour to vist Gretna Green then onto the Yorkshire dales to camp at the Viaduct at Ribblehead.

Buachaille Etive Mòr

Day 5 – And onwards to home…

Home and de-kitting the van but the dogs wanna go again..


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