TGO Challenge 2016 – Route Summary


Im pleased to announce myself and Stephen Whyman completed the 2016 The Great Outdoors (TGO) challenge in 12 days. Our route was low level and started from Inverie (via Mallaig). It took us over 16 hours to get to our start point of Malliag from Peterborough via the chuffer.

Route summary

Day 1 – Malliag -> Inverie -> Barrisdale – Camp on loch Barrisdale

Distance – 17 Km

Day 2 – Loch Barrisdale -> Loch Poulary

Loch Poulary is a lochen before Loch Garry

Distance – 35 Km

Day 3 – Loch Poulary -> Bridge of Oich

The Bridge of Oich is a crossroad (water way) for St Augustus via the canal and our route with was a attack point for Genral Wades rd

Distance – 18 Km

Day 4 – Bridge of Oich -> Sherramore

Sherramore is a small copse of woods along the river Spey. Most challengers stop at Garva bridge which is 2 km before Sherramore.

Distance – 28.4 Km

Day 5 – Sherramore -> Crubenbeg House

Crubenbeg House is a bnb situated before Newtonmore. Most challengers stop at Newtonmore as its closer to attacking the route to Glen Freshie. We stayed at the bnb as the hospitality and breakfast is amazing. Link –

Distance – 18 Km

Day 6 – Crubenbeg House -> Glen Feshie

Distance – 30 Km

Day 7 – Glen Feshie ->  River Dee

Most challengers will stop at White bridge, we pushed on to the head of the River Dee were the track meets the metal road to Braemar.

Distance – 25.5 km

Day 8 – River Dee -> Braemar

Distance – 10.6 Km

Day 9 – Braemar – > Spittal of Glenmuick

This was our foul weather alternative route (FWA) as weather forecasts indicated Lochnagar would be shrouded in mist, rain and 50+ gust of wind. We camped before the flood plain in a quite wood before the Spittal of Glenmuick

Distance – 24.8 km

Day 10 – Spittal of Glenmuick -> Tarfside

This was a big day as we pushed on past Glen Lee. Camping locations before and after Loch Lee were rubbish so we pushed onto Tarfside. No camping is permitted by the TGO along Glen Lee.

Distance – 24.1 km

Day 11 – Tarfside -> North Water Bridge

Distance-  23.9 Km

Day 12 – North Water Bridge-> St Cyrus

Distance – 14.5

There is also a pictorial summary of the 2016 TGO hereTGO challenge – 2016 in pictures



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